Serving with the NZSAS is demanding on both the individuals and their families.

Taking care of the soldiers who serve in this Unit and their families, is the purpose of our Trust and you can help support them.


The Special Air Service (SAS) was formed in 1941 by Captain (later Colonel) David Stirling, who was a serving British Army officer. He was responsible for the formation of small independent raiding parties which operated behind the enemy lines to fight the German and Italian armies in the North African campaign.

Captn Stirling

New Zealanders served with this original SAS in WW2, as well as with the Parachute Regiment and Long Range Desert Group. They also served with other Special Operations forces, namely the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and Z Special Unit.

In 1955 the New Zealand Government approved the formation of an independent New Zealand SAS Squadron for service in Malaya, alongside 22nd SAS Regiment, by then a regular unit in the British Army.

Since that time the NZSAS  remains a regular unit in the New Zealand Army Order of Battle to this day.

Operational Service

  Malaya 1955-57
  Thailand 1962
  Borneo 1965-66
  Vietnam 1969-71
  Bougainville 1997-98
  Kuwait 1998
  East Timor 1999-2000
  Afghanistan 2001-present




The NZSAS Trust is a tax-registered charitable trust which was established in 2004 to look after persons who are actively serving or have been previously posted to the 1st New Zealand Special Air Service Regiment, including their immediate families.

It also includes any person who has served in the Long Range Desert Group, Special Operations Executive and Z Special Unit.

  • Objectives
  • - provide financial assistance
      and support in time of crisis
  • - provide welfare assistance
  • - provide support and financial
      assistance to its members to
      enable them to maintain a
      reasonable quality of life
  • - provide financial assistance and
      support for further education
      and for vocational training
  • Patron
  • His Excellency Lt Gen The Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae GNZM, QSO, Governor-General of New Zealand

  • Mr Wayne Boyd | Chairman
  • Mr Geoff Laurence
  • Mr Stephen Franklin
  • Mr Ian Gault

  • Thanks to past donor generosity the Trust has already undertaken a variety of benefit programs including:
  • - welfare grants to beneficiaries in need, including financial grants, laser eye surgery and mobility scooters, to name but a few
  • - tertiary grants to serving members of 1 NZSAS Regiment and their partners
  • - family support programs for the families of combat deployed soldiers and for other serving members
  • - vocational guidance and training courses for serving members preparing to re-enter civilian life
  • - tertiary grants to children of beneficiaries
  • - Outward Bound and Spirit of Adventure awards to children of beneficiaries
  • - funding of the quarterly magazine, The Free Glance, which serves to bind beneficiaries together through communication
  • - funding support of an up-to-date beneficiaries address list and a volunteer welfare network to monitor and and look after those individuals and families in time of ill health, death or financial crisis
  • - significant financial grants to complete the Special Forces Memorial, the Chapel area and the children's playground
  • Professional Support
  • Bell Gully provides the Trust with legal advice and support.

    PwC provides the Trust with financial advice. The accounts are audited annually.

Why Support the NZSAS Trust?

  • The New Zealand Special Air Service is an essential part of New Zealand's contribution to international security.

  • As a unit of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) it delivers on a large number of New Zealand's  international training commitments serving with our friends and allies.

  • The NZSAS also forms an integral part of New Zealand's domestic counter-terrorism response.

  • NZSAS soldiers are highly trained in skills which assist New Zealand to protect its interests and its people around the world. The Unit must be ready to deploy at short notice for what are hazardous operations far from our shores.

  • Service with the NZSAS is demanding on both individuals and their families.

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  • The purpose of the Trust is to provide current, retiring and past members with welfare support in order that they can enjoy continued quality of life.

  • The Trust also seeks to ensure that the contribution to New Zealand made by members of the NZSAS can continue by assisting them into other worthwhile vocations in civilian life.

Would you like to assist the NZSAS Trust?

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  • Bequest/Legacy
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